Posts Tagged ‘Monica S. Kuebler’, an online magazine and burgeoning social network for genre fans, recently grilled me about writing BLEEDER, teen lit and the state of horror. You can check out the interview here.

While there, you should definitely consider taking part in the community they are building, especially if you have a passion for the darker side of the arts. Horror fans unite!

If you are not yet reading BLEEDER, you can find it at and on Wattpad at, where I’m giving the YA vampire subgenre back its teeth one fang at a time.

The latest issue of Rue Morgue (#119, Jan/Feb 2012) hit newsstands this week, and features my cover story on the upcoming feature film The Woman in Black. I had the opportunity to interview director James Watkins, screenwriter Jane Goldman (Stardust, Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class) and Daniel Radcliffe (yes, Mr. Harry Potter himself) for the piece. The mag can also be obtained digitally from and for iPhones/iPads via the Apple App store.

Also in this issue, my Library of the Damned column where I discuss the upcoming House of Night comic books with P.C. Cast, author of the best-selling YA vampire series of the same name, and a whole bunch of other incredibly cool stuff, including our annual best and worst of the year round-up and an exhaustive list of horror cons and film fests. Essentially, everything you need to plan your next twelve months in horror.

I’m probably crazy for even attempting it, but I’m writing a serial YA vampire for the web called BLEEDER. My reasons for doing this are threefold.

One: To force myself to get over my stage fright of sharing my fiction with people, something I absolutely have to do if I am ever to fulfill my dream of becoming a YA novelist. Also, to tame my fear of failure – same reason. I need to learn to be brave.

Two: To give readers a flavour of the world I’m crafting. BLEEDER and THE COLD ONES trilogy are both set in the same universe, as I expect several other stories will be. It’s a place where monsters are monsters and tangling with them is never a good idea. This is a free introduction to it.

Three: To introduce people to myself, or at least my writing. I’m a journalist, a poet, but most of my fiction has remained tightly under wraps, except for the occasional publication in tiny zines and chapbooks. I’m not particularly adept at short stories – probably because even when I read I prefer my narratives sprawling and epic – so this is my way of saying, “Hello, this what I write.”

New chapters will be posted every Sunday at and on Wattpad at

Bleeder cover

Here’s the official teaser:

What if everything you knew about your life was a lie?
What if the truth was much, much worse?

Mildred “Mills” Millhatten’s life changed forever the day she found out it wasn’t hers at all.

Forfeited as retribution for the alleged crimes of a father she’s never met, she’s cast into a strange, vicious world that she didn’t know existed and has little hope of understanding.

As a Bleeder – one whose lifeblood feeds the Nosferatu – her continued survival hangs ever in the balance. The creatures are keeping her alive because they believe her blood has mystical properties. Mills fears what will happen when they realize they are wrong – or are they?

If she hopes to survive and discover who she truly is, she needs an ally. She needs to befriend a bloodthirsty monster. Because she lives in their world now, and if she doesn’t do something fast, she’s going to die in it too.

…and I wonder if I’ll ever get better. Well, there’s always try, I guess.

Today is the final day of 2011. A year that, by all accounts, I’d rather forget. But a year that ultimately taught me how I don’t want to live. Of course, change is the hard part.

However, I have much to be thankful for too. Particularly, more fiction writing than I have ever had to show for any one year of my life. A serial novel – the prospect of which still scares the crap out of me even though it is launching tomorrow – that wasn’t yet a twinkle in my eye twelve months ago.

This is going to sound terrible, I know that, even though it was well-intentioned. But in many ways I was raised to believe that I would fail in any creative endeavour I attempted. This conditioning was supposed to channel my intelligence towards medicine or law or whatever, but all it ultimately did was mould me into a desperately creative person with failure issues to the point of neurosis. It’s a little embarrassing to admit that, but it’s part of the truth of who I am.

I know some of you are going to say, “but you’re so confident and successful.” And I say, to a point. I still have to slay the self-doubt dragon each and every day. And doing to a certain degree is a necessity for survival.

I’m been writing fiction in secret for years, and maybe that’s another reason why I never finished any of the novels, because I knew I’d never have the courage to show them to anyone, so no matter how much I loved doing it, it seemed pointless.

That’s the other thing this past year taught me, that I don’t want to be so afraid anymore and certainly not based on something that was said to me more than a half a lifetime ago. I want to get past that, so I can live whatever life I was meant to live.

I mean this in regards to my writing and the bigger picture as well.

My only resolution is to continue this journey I’m on in 2012.

Because at the end awaits something like freedom.

On Saturday, November 27, 2010, I’ll be a guest at the Darklit Fest of Durham taking place at Oshawa Public Libraries McLaughlin Branch (65 Bagot Street, Oshawa, Ontario). The one-day event features panel discussions, author readings, pitch sessions with publishers (including Burning Effigy Press) and signings. Other literary attendees include Kelley Armstrong (guest of honour), Brett Alexander Savory (author and ChiZine Publications founder), Sephera Giron, John R. Little, Gord Rollo, YA scribe Lesley Livingston (Wondrous Strange, Darklight), Ian Rogers (Temporary Monsters, The Ash Angels) and more. For a complete guest list and schedule, visit the event’s official website at

As mentioned, I’ll be fielding horror fiction pitches for Burning Effigy Press and selling our titles. I’m also sitting on the Deal of No Deal: How to Sell Your Writing to Publishers and Editors panel discussion.

We don’t get a lot of events like this in Ontario, so if you’d like to see more, please come out and show your support. There’s more genre talent in Canada than you may think.

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