By on November 12, 2010 in Announcements

Eight to ten years is a long time in web years, so I was more than due for a new web home – and here it is. It’s also been a training ground. When I was recently faced with updating my web skills – things keep moving at lightning speed, after all – I decided to throw myself to the wolves with an actual project. Hands-on trumps theory any day. And that’s just who I am. I like machines. I like technology. I like to learn. I like a challenge. It’s all still a little bare-bones around here, but things will continue to evolve.

This also marks my return to blogging after a six-year hiatus and one well-intentioned false start.┬áIt’s hard to say what this will become. A place to discuss writing and publishing, and to comment on life. To dream and share.

You can subscribe to the blog portion of this site via the RSS Feed link to your left (though I’m still working out a few wrinkles with that). And sign up the (extremely infrequent) mailing list on the lower left.

Feel free to explore while I continue to set up shop.

Life’s all about the journey.

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